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Accurate bookkeeping 
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Annual financial statement preparation
Auditor liaison service
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Whether you already have a business or are considering a new venture, it doesn’t take an army of experts to know that success hinges on your ability to focus on the most important things. Easier said than done if you don’t have full and up-to-date confidence in your data, finances and cash-flows!

Let Hong Kong Commons help you dedicate yourself to what matters most by providing professional and cost effective accounting solutions in accordance with Hong Kong Financial Reporting Standards.

We treat your financial and business records and information with the same care and discretion as we manage our own. Our excellent English, Mandarin and Cantonese speaking professionals all share a common priority: providing our valued clients with quality, efficient, timely and trusted services and support to help you and your business to succeed.

We offer a range of flexible plans and bespoke solutions that address the individual needs of your business no matter the industry, size or complexity. We can handle everything from recording all of your transactions and preparing periodic financial statements to completing tax returns and submitting your annual financial statements for statutory audit.

Why Choose Us?

Successfully serving our valued clients since 2005.
Our professionals have decades of relevant experience with finance and accounting matters ranging from startups to large multinationals with complex accounting needs.
Expertise with most major accounting, payment, e-commerce and CRM platforms.
Eliminate the need to re-key data and capitalize on opportunities to improve operations and increase automation.
We apply best practices and use secure ‘best in class’ technology platforms to ensure the books and records are maintained in an efficient and timely manner.
Depending on your business needs, we can offer traditional solutions as well as fully integrated cloud accounting options.
Good accounting practices help your credibility and trustworthiness when dealing with partners, banks and investors and filing accurate tax returns.

Featured Services

    Bookkeeping to Ensure Effective Business Management

    outsourced booking

    We can handle all of your bookkeeping needs including data-entry of transactions, reconciliation of bank statements, accounts receivables/payables and monthly management reporting.

    Every client has a dedicated accountant who works closely with you or your designated business representative to ensure all bookkeeping is accurately processed and maintained.

    Based on your requirements, our experienced accounting professionals will help to determine the most suitable level of engagement, policies, procedures and technology platform.

    Professional Records Management Provides Peace of Mind

    outsourced booking

    Poor records management is the #1 reason for unnecessary delays, errors and cost overruns in preparing and filing timely and accurate financial information for your statutory audit.

    We try our best to help you avoid all of this and other potentially expensive and distracting issues by utilizing best in class, secure, scalable and easy to use digital document management systems for managing your financial and business documents, allowing you to respond quickly to auditor requests and maintaining control over your business information.

    Annual Financial Statement Preparation & Auditor Liaison Services

    outsourced booking

    Our most experienced Certified Public Accountants are assigned to successfully complete client statutory audits including professional preparation and review of your balance sheets, income statements, and cash flow statements for annual submission.

    We make sure that governing documents and Hong Kong regulatory requirements are always a priority of the decision-making process.

    Our team is also happy to take on the administrative burden of managing the day-to-day audit process allowing you to spend less time on accounting/audit matters and more time on your business needs.